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NW CT Sign-On Statement Urging Legislative Action on CT's Climate Goals


CT has a long history of bipartisan leadership on climate change, dating back to at least 1990. Gov. Jody Rell signed the 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) mandating an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. In January 2018, the Governor's Council on Climate Change reached a unanimous decision to recommend an interim target for reducing GHG emissions 45% below 2001 levels by 2030, based on analysis that it will put us solidly on a path toward the 2050 goal and that a faster transition to clean energy will yield more in-state jobs and economic growth.

Senate Bill #7 will update the GWSA to include the new interim target.

Three legislators from the NW Corner serve on the Environment Committee: Sen. Craig Miner (co-Chair), Rep. David Wilson and Rep. John Piscopo. These and other legislators need to hear from constituents who care about protecting the climate for our children/grandchildren and creating jobs for today's CT workers.

The Roundtable has prepared an online petition statement, which we plan to present to all legislators from the NW Corner. (Map of CT Senate District #30)

WE INVITE RESIDENTS OF NW CT TO ENDORSE THIS STATEMENT and voice your support for climate action by completing the form below. (Use this short URL to share a link via social media:

When we present the statement to the legislators from this region, we will provide name, town and "affiliation for identification purposes only". In other words, this is a list of individuals, none of whom are signing on behalf of any organization or group.

IF YOU LIVE IN ANOTHER PART OF THE STATE, we encourage you to send a similar message directly to your own legislators. Find out who your legislators are ( and use this contact info:

Examples of past Roundtable sign-on statements: