Save CT's Clean Energy Funding

The CT Roundtable on Climate and Jobs joins with our allies in opposing the Connecticut legislature's proposal to slash $27 million in funding from the state's clean energy programs.  Raiding these funds from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) to help resolve a state budget deficit would undermine the growth of the state's clean energy economy and undermine our progress in addressing climate change.

69 percent of RGGI proceeds support funding for Connecticut’s Energy Efficiency Fund programs that help families and businesses cut their energy bills. Another 23 percent of the funding supports renewable energy programs through the CT Green Bank. The latest budget proposal slashes another $15 million directly from the CT Green Bank (that's on top of the $27million raid from RGGI!).

Together, these programs are helping reduce energy costs, cut pollution, and create local jobs.

Contact Legislators TODAY!

Please call today with a simple message: "Please protect clean energy funding in the state budget. I oppose a raid on funds from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the CT Green Bank. Those cuts would kill jobs, cost families money and slow our state's progress on climate protection."  Leave a message with your name and address.

  • Senator Martin Looney, Senate President Pro Tempore: 860-240-8614
  • Senator Bob Duff, Senate Majority Leader: 860-240-0414
  • Representative Brendan Sharkey, Speaker of the House: 860-240-8500
  • Representative Joe Aresimowicz, House Majority Leader: 860-240-8489
  • Senator John Fonfara, co-Chair of Finance Committee: 860-240-0043

Look up your own legislators here.

Read more details from the CT Green Bank, the Energy Efficiency Fund, and this comprehensive factsheet.