Since June 2012, the Roundtable has organized a gathering every 4 to 6 months.  Each of our gatherings has focused on a different topic, providing participants with an opportunity to engage with presenters and with each other through both small and large group dialogue.

November 2017

Offshore Wind, Millstone and Just Transition

Participants at this gathering focused on our emerging campaign on offshore wind and how it relates to the fate of the Millstone nuclear power plant, its workers and their communities.  We celebrated the previous day's announcement that CT will be procuring offshore wind resources in 2018.  Using a handout highlighting features of the offshore wind policy framework in MA and MD, breakout groups discussed what would be needed in CT's program to maximize in-state economic development and job creation.  Drawing upon the Roundtable's recent op-ed on the Millstone nuclear power plant, participants discussed how to engage stakeholders in southeastern CT in creating a long-term economic strategy for a just transition when the plant retires.

Some Background Resources: OSW Fact Sheet, MA & MD comparison, Millstone Op-Ed

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May 2017

This gathering was intended to provide an opportunity to review the state's draft Comprehensive Energy Strategy (CES).  However, the CES was delayed, so participants engaged in a broader discussion of state level organizing campaigns and how to use them effectively to engage new constituencies.

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June 2016

A Just Climate Strategy for CT

Participants at this gathering sought to develop shared strategies for influencing two concurrent planning processes to ensure an aggressive approach to climate protection that creates local jobs and addresses the needs for climate justice. The small group dialogue focused on the climate action plan of the Governor's Council on Climate Change.  We also presented the Roundtable's sign-on statement about the Comprehensive Energy Strategy of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Some Background Resources: GC3 Modeling Homework, GC3 Homework Submission, CES Sign-On Statement

Gathering Info: Agenda, 3 Circles Dialogue Handout, Breakout Groups Handout, Breakout Group Notes

April 2016

Fairfield County Gathering

This regional gathering was hosted by the Fairfield County Interfaith Alliance on Climate Change.  In addition to a discussion of regional priorities for the climate action strategy being developed by the Governor's Council on Climate Change, we heard reports on the UN climate talks in Paris (December 2015) and the local campaign opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

Breakout Groups: Three groups focused on different topics - transportation, residential & commercial buildings, and energy production.

  • What are some key elements that Fairfield County communities would like to see in a new climate change action plan? 
  • How can climate protection strengthen local communities and create new jobs?

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November 2015

Restructuring CT's Utilities for the Clean Energy Future

The new “Clean Energy Future” report from Labor Network for Sustainability shows that the US and CT can meet our climate goals, save money and create more jobs.  But we need to change the ways we produce and use energy. Join us for a dialogue about transforming utilities for a Clean Energy Future:

  • How should utilities be owned, governed and regulated?
  • How do we transition to more distributed (i.e. local) generation to increase resiliency and local control?
  • How do we ensure a just transition that protects the livelihoods and union rights of all workers?

Some Background Resources: Acadia Center's UtilityVision, Energy Democracy video, Make REV Real handout

Gathering Info: Agenda, Discussion HandoutBreakout Group Notes, Discussion document

June 2015

A Climate Protection Jobs Plan for CT

Connecticut is embarking on a new era of climate protection. Governor Malloy appointed a new Council on Climate Change charged with charting a course to meet the state’s official goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 80% below 2001 levels by 2050.

Meeting the 2050 goal will require the labor of thousands of people.

  • How can we recruit, train, and deploy those workers in ways that maximize the benefits to our communities?
  • How do we ensure the creation of good, local jobs that also help to reverse our state’s growing inequality?

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April 2015

Rebooting CT's Climate Change Action Plan

Connecticut has a long history of bipartisan leadership on climate protection, but the state has no concrete plan for reaching the ambitious 2050 goal of an 80% reduction in GHG emissions below 2001 levels.

  • REVIVE the Governor's Steering Committee on Climate Change
  • REBOOT the Climate Change Action Plan
  • BUILD a climate-safe economy
  • CREATE good, stable jobs for CT's workers

Some Background Resources: LNS Discussion Paper, Maryland Executive Order

Gathering Info: Agenda, DEEP's PowerPoint, Discussion Handout, Breakout Group Notes

November 2014

Protect the Public Interest: Oppose CL&P's Fixed Charge Increase

A primary focus for this gathering will be CL&P’s proposed 60% increase in the fixed rate charge for residential electric customers.  Speakers will underscore the potential negative impact on energy efficiency programs and green jobs.  Discussion will focus on actions, including a possible legislative initiative, to oppose the increase.

Some Background Resources: Roundtable Statement on Fixed Charge Increase, Roundtable op-ed

Gathering Info: Agenda, Acadia Center's PowerPoint

June 2014

Energy Efficiency Programs and Policy

We will explore the potential impacts of this year's significant increases in funding on both # of homes/businesses served and # of jobs created.  We will discuss a set of proposed innovations that have emerged from our work during the last six months, and two panelists will describe their efforts to implement some of those innovations in Hartford and New Haven.

Some Background Resources: HES Innovations and Flowchart, MassCLU report summary

Gathering Info: Agenda

November 2013

Deeper Energy Efficiency

How do we leverage this year's significant increases in funding as an opportunity to get more people in our communities to implement deeper efficiency measures?

Some Background Resources: Roundtable sign-on statement Nov 2013

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