CT's New Energy Tax

Contact Legislators TODAY!

If we don't voice our outrage at this moment,
they will likely grab even more $$ from the funds next time.

State legislators just approved a 2-year budget that raids $175 million of utility ratepayer funds. By diverting these funds from the CT Green Bank ($14 million/yr), the CT Energy Efficiency Fund ($63.5 million/yr) and the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative ($10 million/yr), they will:

  • Cut CT’s energy efficiency investments by more than 25%;
  • Threaten the long-term stability of the CT Green Bank;
  • Cause job losses throughout the energy efficiency and clean energy sectors, thereby reducing state tax revenues;
  • Increase the cost of electricity for consumers; and
  • Make it harder for CT to achieve its climate goals.

Prior to the vote, CT's Consumer Counsel Elin Katz described the impact of diverting the funds from the CT Energy Efficiency Fund:

14,000 low income households would not be served; 16,000 customers would not receive Home Energy Solutions (HES) assessments and services; 14,000 customers would not receive rebates for efficient air conditioners, heating equipment, and water heaters; over 2,520 new building projects would not be energy efficient; and 6,885 people will lose their jobs over the next two years. (CT News Junkie, 10/25/17)

Some additional details here and here.

Call or write your legislators with this simple message:

I am outraged that the legislature balanced the budget by establishing a new energy tax on utility ratepayers.  Raiding the funds that support energy efficiency and renewable energy will decimate successful programs that reduce energy costs for Connecticut businesses and families. It will also cause job losses in the energy efficiency and solar industries, leading to reduced future tax revenues for the state.  Not only was this a bad economic decision, it’s also one of the worst things Connecticut could do as the harmful impacts of climate change become more apparent every day.

Phone and email contact info for all legislators is here.

If you don't know who your legislators are, use this link.