Save CT's Energy Efficiency Funds

Contact Legislators TODAY!

Read our recent op-ed for more details.

The Senate Republicans' revised budget proposes stealing $68 million annually (over the next two years) that you, CT's ratepayers, pay through your electric bill to support CT's award-winning energy efficiency programs for residents and businesses -- a raid that represents a 33% cut in the electric efficiency program funding.  The Senate Republicans would also plunder almost half of the ratepayer funding for the Connecticut Green Bank and its renewable energy programs. 

In doing so, the Senate Republicans would convert cost-effective investments that save consumers money into a new energy tax on ratepayers to shore up the state’s budget deficit.  Every dollar invested in energy efficiency last year produced $3.89 in lifetime savings on utility bills. But this new energy tax would slash that productive investment and then, even worse, cause significant and immediate job losses in Connecticut’s energy efficiency and renewables sectors, crippling these thriving industries at a time when we need to foster local economic growth and job creation to increase state revenues.

The energy efficiency programs save money spent on imported fossil fuels and convert it into local jobs.  2016 investments alone supported an estimated 12,000* jobs in Connecticut's energy efficiency sector.

The Senate Republican’s proposed budget inflicts even more harm by raiding $26 million annually from the market-based Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Unfortunately, the Democrats’ budget also raids RGGI, which reinvests money from carbon emission auctions in the energy efficiency programs and in the Green Bank. This funding was intended to reduce energy costs and speed the deployment of local clean energy, like rooftop solar—and it has worked.

Raiding these ratepayer funds is a short-sighted strategy for resolving the state's budget crisis since it would hurt workers and their families, undermine the growth of the state's clean energy economy and slow our progress in addressing climate change.

We must push back hard and tell legislators to take these proposals off the table!

Please call Senate Leadership today : 

"Please protect clean energy funding in the state budget. I oppose any raid on ratepayer funds for energy efficiency and the CT Green Bank, as well as raids on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Converting energy efficiency investments into a new energy tax on ratepayers would kill jobs, cost families money and slow our state's progress on climate protection."

  • Senator Martin Looney, Democrat President Pro Tempore: 860-240-0375
  • Senator Len Fasano, Republican President Pro Tempore: 860-240-8871
  • Senator Bob Duff, Senate Majority Leader: 860-240-0414

Look up your own legislators here and leave the same message for them.

*According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the design, installation and manufacture of energy efficiency products and services in Connecticut accounts for nearly 34,000 jobs, with approximately 12,000 of those jobs generated from the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund.