Launched in June 2012, the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs is an innovative partnership between the Interreligious Eco-Justice Network and the CT AFL-CIO that seeks to strengthen collaboration among Connecticut’s labor, environmental, and religious groups in advocating for public policies that address urgent concerns about climate change while creating good-paying jobs right here in our state.

We reject the false choice of “jobs vs. the environment.”  We seek to build a worker-oriented environmental movement organizing to secure a fair and just transition that protects not only the environment, but also the livelihoods threatened by both climate change and the steps taken toward mitigation and adaptation.  A robust climate protection program will create tens of thousands of new jobs in CT, but the transition to a clean-energy economy will also displace some workers. Workers making the difficult transition to alternative work deserve well-paid, secure jobs with benefits and the right to union representation.

We believe that our public advocacy for policies on which we have found consensus is strengthened by our ability to engage in honest and open dialogue on areas where we are still seeking common ground.  Our diversity is a source of power. Together, we can save the planet AND strengthen the communities where we live and work.

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    Reducing Fixed Charges for Electric Customers

    CT's Residential Monthly Fixed ChargeEndorse our online statement!

    In 2015, a coalition of 30+ groups joined with the CT Roundtable on Climate and Jobs and Acadia Center to win legislation to stop runaway fixed charges for residential electric customers.  Fixed charges are flat monthly rates that the customer must pay just to have access to electricity.  Over the last decade, fixed charges for residential customers more than doubled – to the highest (Eversource/CL&P, $19.25/month) and second highest (United Illuminating, $17.25/month) in New England for any major electric utility.  Eversource residential customers in MA pay monthly fixed charges of less than $7.

    The new CT law clearly defines and limits what costs can be included in the fixed charge:

    “…only the fixed costs and operation and maintenance expenses directly related to metering, billing, service connections and the provision of customer service."

    This law is now being tested for the first time with a new application from United Illuminating (UI) to increase its rates and charges. The outcome will also have a direct impact on the next rate case for Eversource, expected next year.

    The Office of Consumer Counsel (OCC) has submitted expert testimony showing that UI’s residential fixed charge should be $7.63/month under the new law - less than half the current charge.

    High fixed charges reduce consumers’ control over their energy costs and hurt progress on energy efficiency and clean energy, hindering the growth of a green jobs economy.

    Take Action

    Tell the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) to enforce the law and reduce UI's residential fixed charge.


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